Hinni AG
  • Manufacturing and sales of one- and two outlet fire hydrants as well as tunnel- and  construction site hydrants
  • Reconditioning of used above-ground hydrants
  • Spare parts and accessories for hydrants from date of manufacture 1896 and upward
  • Control of above and below ground hydrants (Hyko)
  • Revision (Revo) under high water pressure
  • Economical control of gate valves in the water supply network (VACO)
  • Intelligent monitoring system LORNO for early detection of leaks in the water supply network as well as the control of water usage and filling levels in fire hydrants(7 x 24)
  • Data Base DBH for the easy asset management of hydrants and gate valves


What purpose do hydrants serve? Which model should be installed?

Since the end of the 19th century, fire hydrants shape increasingly the Swiss landscape. The around 600000 hydrants serve mainly as indispensable source of water for fire brigades.

Because the hydrants in Switzerland are alimented by the potable water supply network, the selection of the right hydrant model is important (Compatibility with drinking water, SVGW).

Further criteria, which could influence the choice:

  • Investment and maintenance costs
  • storage
  • aspect
  • user friendliness
  • local purchase-politic priorities

The investment in the safest functionality, the best materials and the most reliable corrosion protection, pays out in the long run.

Reduction of maintenance cost for hydrants - an objective for Hinni as well as for our customers.











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